EarWell System For Infants

Ear Reshaping for Infants

Treatment needs to begin as soon as possible.

A very recent development in the Plastic Surgery department is the EarWell System, which corrects congenital deformities of the ears in infants – without the need for ear surgery. The EarWell System can be used anywhere from mild to more severe deformities. The earlier an infant receives this treatment, the easier it is to mold the ears. It is most effective when started within a few days of birth.

The EarWell System will correct ear deformities, which will save them from being teased or bullied later on in life. Children whose ears are not corrected earlier on are often bothered enough to seek a plastic surgical consultation. The EarWell system does not put the baby in pain or discomfort, and will provide the child relief from distress later on in life.

Usually, insurance will cover the EarWell procedure; Dr. Green’s office staff can check with your insurance company.

The ear shape is changed by altering the underlying cartilage framework. Dr. Green uses the EarWell System to mold the ear cartilage while it is still soft soon after birth. It is a simple office procedure; no anesthesia is required.

This procedure is an exciting new development that will provide much relief later on in life, with no risk.