Repair Torn Earlobes

Torn Earlobe Repair

Repair can be done under Local Anesthetic in the Office, with instant results.

One of the most common conditions seen in Dr. Green’s office is that of a torn or partially torn earlobe. Sometimes the ear lobe tears in a traumatic event and sometimes this occurs slowly over time from irritation from heavy earrings etc. Often there is irritation from the use of a telephone ear piece which is squeezed against the earring causing irritation and gradual tearing of the ear lobe.

Dr. Green uses a surgical technique to repair the torn earlobe or partially torn ear lobe and to re-create the tract for the earring in one step, using the skin from the cleft to reconstruct the lining for the tract for the earring. This allows for rapid recovery of a usable pierced earlobe with the opening in exactly the desired location, where it used to be. The procedure is done under local anesthesia usually in the office, rather than the operating room, to keep the plastic surgery costs down. The procedure is remarkably effective and instantly gratifying to both the surgeon and the patient. The stitches are dissolving and almost invisible. An earring is placed in the new tract immediately which results in instant smiles from all patients.

After the procedure, wound care instructions are given and the patient can leave on their own even driving their own vehicle since no sedation is administered for the procedure.