Tendon Repair

Hand Surgery for Tendon Repair

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The tendons are the structures in the hand that move the joints in the fingers and hand. They are connected to muscles in the forearm. These tough structures are often injured when there are deep lacerations on the hand and fingers and even on the forearm.

Fortunately there are techniques today to repair these tendons and allow them to function again. Special techniques are used to stitch the tendons together and to protect them while they heal. Very often hand therapy is needed after the surgery to regain movement and to allow these tendons to glide again to move the structures that they are attached to.

The classical sign of a tendon injury is that the function of the tendon is lost and one is unable to bend or straighten the finger or thumb that is involved. Surgical repair needs to be done promptly (within a week or so), because the tendons tend to retract and the muscles shrink, making repair later much more difficult.

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