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Testimonials plastic Surgery

“Thanks to all of you! Thank you doesn’t sum it up enough. I’m so gratful for all of you.” -Kathy

plastic Surgery testimonials

“For everything you’ve done for me… I just want you to know how much I appreciate you, and your skills and abilities that changes people for the better! One month after the surgery I can truly say I’m happy and pleased with the results thus far, and I’m even more excited becauses I feel better about myself!” – Stacy

clients review plastic surgery

“Thank you so much for your support and wonderful care.” -Paula

plastic Surgery Clients review

“I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and kindness. Thank you all for being so caring.” –

Review on plastic surgery in Lyndhurst, OH

“Thank you for being so kind!” -Annie

What people say about Dr. Rodney Green

“Thank you so much for helping me change my life” -Annie

about Dr. Rodney Green plastic Surgeon

“I have been overwhelmed by how nice and personalable everyone has been. You have taken care of me from beginning to end and then some!” -Tim

Dr. Rodney Green Testimonials

“Your expertise, support, and caring attitude has allowed me to progress in my recovery.” -Joann

Dr. Rodney Green Review

“Every once in a while you meet someone who exceeds you expectations. I believe I found that with you.” -Valerie

Testimonials for Plastic Surgeons in Cleveland

“I felt comfortable from the first time I met you, and knew I would be in good hands. I’m loving the results so far!” -Susie

Dr. Rodney Green The Best plastic Surgeon in Cleveland

“I am in better health and physicial condition because of you and am able to working at the job I enjoy”

Best Plastic Surgeon

“Now I look even better than before. The most important part is I gained my confidence for life!”

Dr. Green plastic Surgeon

“Your staff was very sincere and completely worked around my busy schedule. I really appreciate that!”

Breast Augmentation testimonials

“Thank you for all the time and hard work you put into my surgical procedure. You are a warm and wonderful person and I appreicate your skill and profesionalism.”

calf augmentation testionials

“I personally have never met a Doctor and his staff as kind, friendly, and caring as you all were to me. It makes this office a very special one.”

breast Surgery testimonials

“Thank you for making my dream come true. The kindness and support you gave my husband and me was wonderful.”

Liposuction Testimonials

“Your incredible skills not only put her together again to look right and to make her hand work right, but the scars on her face are minimal that she has never even felt the need to wear a hairstyle with bangs to hide them.” -Pat

Botox Testimonials

“God is… the arm that protects, the help that assures, the wisdom that guides.” -Christapher

Tummy Tuck Testimonials

“Thank you so much for everything. Margie was very touched by your caring staff.”

Chin Surgery Testimonials

“Back to work and everything is fine. Just a little card to thank Dr. Green and his wonderful staff.” -Joe

Genioplasty Testimonials

“You did an amazing job on my breast. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and expertise in caring for me.”

rhinoplasty Testimonials

“I would like to takn you again, Doctor Green, for the beautiful work that you have done reconstructing my severly laxerated upper lip. I’m glad that you were there for me.”

Nose Job Testimonials

“But I’m especially proud of an attribute first seen. It’s my nose, and no one knows it came from Dr. Green.”