Thigh Lift

Thigh Reshaping and Thigh Lift

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An inner thigh lift is indicated when there is loose skin involving the inner thigh and anterior thigh areas. The procedure involves removing excess fatty tissue with liposuction and removing excess skin by excising a crescent of skin at the upper end of the thigh in the hidden location where the thigh joins the pelvis. The thigh skin is lifted up and attached to the deeper layers in this area to avoid pulling on the skin of the local area. (If this is not done carefully the scar may migrate down).

Very often significant improvement can be achieved with just liposuction in this area. There are situations however where the full thigh lift procedure is needed to correct loose skin. This also enables the entire medial thigh and part of the anterior thigh to be lifted and rejuvenated.

Dr. Green will assess your needs and recommended if this procedure is necessary for you or if liposuction alone will accomplish your needs.

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