Stem Cell and Fat Grafting News

There is a phenomenon that has appeared in the media. Plastic surgeons are marketing the use of “stem cells” in their fat grafts. Fat grafting is a well established and scientifically proven technique to transfer tissue from one location to another and is very effective. There is also evidence that fat grafting does contain many fat cells as well as stem cells.

The position of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgerons, is that it is inappropriate to claim that a special stem cell fat graft is being done, when really a simple fat graft is all that is being done. There is no evidence at this point and no accepted technique that enhances the stem cells in fat grafts.(although there is some research being done in this area)

I have become aware that claims have been made recently regarding “stem cell” fat grafting to the face which is implied to be as good as facelifting. This is clearly not true and is deceptive marketing at best.

Please consult your American Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon rather than go along with the hype that one sees in the media.

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