Work Related Injuries

Work-Related Injuries of the Hand

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Injuries of the hand at work are very common in people that use their hands, especially with machines. Other injuries occur outside the workplace, at home, or during recreation.

Injuries to the hands may involve lacerations, or crush injuries. They may be damage to multiple structures including bones, tendons, nerves and blood vessels, and there may be complete amputation of parts of the hand.

Reconstruction of these types of injuries requires meticulous and careful technique, which is the hallmark of a well-trained plastic surgeon. Dr. Rodney Green also has additional training in hand surgery and has the CAQ (certificate of additional qualification) for hand surgery, issued by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Rigorous training in hand surgery and demonstration of these skills is required to obtain this certification. Surgery may be helpful to correct old injuries that have been inadequately treated.

Dr. Green deals with many work-related injuries and our office is familiar with the procedures for dealing with Worker’s Compensation. Contact the office if you would like to set up a consultation.